12 Simple Exercises To Keep Weight Off In 2016

If you managed to get into shape in 2015, you did a good job. However, the hardest part of it sets in when you can’t maintain that toned body. After all, you hardly have enough time to workout 30-45 minutes a day, and so it looks like you’re going to give up.

But the good news is that doctors are now saying that 5-10 minutes exercises during the day can be equally effective as 30-45 minute workout. So there is generally no excuse not to eat well and exercise properly. You cannot blame it on your busy life.

To help kick-start your workout routine in 2016, the following are 12 different exercises to keep weight within the recommended limits. With the 12 workouts highlighted below, you will spend 5-10 minutes on each. But the results is that whatever workout you choose to pursue will burn calories and maintain your weight throughout 2016.

1- 5-munite Power-walks

Power walks make you get into a weight loss revolution without knowing it. When you’re out of the office for instance, you can take a quick power walk in the car park. You can also participate in it when you’re at the mall, supermarket and anywhere else you’re free to walk.

2- Jumping jacks

It’s been proven that women weighing 150 pounds can shade 90 pounds on one jumping pack session. The good thing with jumping packs is that they take the shortest time possible, usually 5 minutes. This is good news because you can practice them just before bed or when doing other things.

3- Love the stairs

There are always stairs and elevators. Don’t be lazy for the stairs in favor of the elevator. It’s basic but helpful for your weight.

4- 5 minute standing push-ups

When waiting for the food to cook, participate in a 5-10 minute standing push-up. These can be done when facing the counter (with feet an arm’s length from the counter). With hands on the counter, you will be placing your weight on it. You will bend your arms and ankles as you push your body up and down. Repeat 5-10 minutes and you’ll be good to go.

5- Workout amid TV commercials

For a more toned feet, use ankle weights when lifting up your feet. This can be done even when watching TV.

6- The remote game

One reason why people suffer back pain is because they sit for too long, giving no room for the back muscles and tissues to relax. If the core back muscles can’t relax, they will add pressure to the spine, and that’s not good for you. Good news is that you can wire yourself to workout your back by simply placing the remote on top of the TV and occasionally reaching for it when you want to adjust the volume.

 7- Deep breathing

Inhale slowly until your stomach can’t handle it anymore. Maintain it for 3 seconds and then exhale gently until air molecules have been forced out of your stomach. When you begin feeling your stomach muscles tightening, hold for 5 seconds and then repeat.

8- Step-ups

To tone up your legs, use a foot stool or a step to rest one leg and the other one at a lower level. Change your legs and repeat for 5 minutes.

9- The power of squats

You can’t afford to miss squats. Only make sure you bend your knees and keep the back straight when doing them.

10- Pelvic lifts

This one is best done in bed. Just lift your pelvic area using your shoulders and feet to provide support. You should maintain that position for 5 seconds and repeat.

11- Arm curl

Use a dumbbell to put weight on one hand. Bend that arm on the elbow with weight on it until it’s up, straight. Let it down and repeat.

12- Hip extension

If you have a dumbbell or a weight substitute like two bottles of water, hold them with two hands and spread your feet apart. Bring your arms to your shoulders through bending them. Bring them forward and downwards until they are right beside your two legs. You can spend 5 minutes doing this.

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