Avoid These 9 Resolution Sabotaging Behaviors

As the new year approaches, most people begin making resolutions that they will start or stop a particular behavior in the upcoming year. Often, these relate to weight loss and fitness goals. If you wish to have success with one of these goals, then avoid these sabotaging behaviors:

  1. Neglecting Groundwork

If you do not make any efforts to prepare, and simply assume that you will whip into shape once January 1st hits, you are likely to disappoint yourself. By the time you begin, you should already have your plan clearly outlined.

  1. Holiday Binging

Overeating in the weeks and months leading up to your resolution will only make it more difficult to keep. Moderate your consumption habits as you develop your eating and fitness plan for the upcoming year.

  1. Setting Unrealistic Exercise Goals

If you are not accustomed to working out on a regular basis, claiming that you will hit the gym for two hours every single day is unrealistic and sets you up to fail. Instead, decide upon a reasonable and achievable schedule, adding to it as you can handle.

  1. Weighing Too Often

Avoid the scale, and instead, focus on how you feel. Weight fluctuates throughout the day, month and season. Not only that, fat and muscle weigh differently on your body.

  1. No Food Replacements

You need to know what you are going to eat for your meals, including snacks. This way, you can have them ready. You will be less tempted to grab junk food this way.

  1. Creating Too Many Resolutions

If your goal is to increase your health, you need to work incrementally. Set a goal, reach it and then determine a new one. Do not swear off your three favorite foods, commit to a marathon and become a vegan all at once. You will overwhelm yourself.

  1. Keeping Secrets

Let others know your plans so that you can develop a support team.

  1. Eating Out Regularly

Even if certain local restaurants serve meals that fit within the guidelines of your new eating plan, practice at preparing your own meals is imperative at this point in your system.

  1. Avoiding Meals

If you skip meals, you will be even hungrier later, and more likely to break your new resolution.

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