How Your Fat Is Making You Sick: 5 Ways To A New You In 2016

Everybody knows that having excess weight on their body is “bad” for them. But what exactly does that mean? And why is being overweight so bad? So, it’s a given that every BODY is different. Some bodies are designed to carry heavier loads than others, so some of the bone, muscle and joint problems just don’t occur with some people. However, a lot of the internal issues from leading an unhealthy lifestyle (whether overweight or not) occur within anyone who behave certain ways, such as eating at restaurants a lot (or a lot of restaurant sized portions).

The range of negative health effects from carrying too much weight are… well, total. Every area of our physical being is dragged into a state of unhealthy or overexertion by carrying too much weight. Even people with builds for carrying more weight will suffer if they carry too much weight. Every area from cardio and respiratory to bones and joints to gastrointestinal and immunity. And yes, even neurologically and a person’s psychology. Mental clarity, memory, and mood are all adversely affected by being overweight.

So what’s the solution? Here are a few pointers. If you make just one of these positive changes, then your weight, as well as the quality of your life, is bound to improve.

1- Eat Healthy:  Keep a simple healthy diet. High fiber has been proven to prevent pre-diabetic symptoms. Also, just incorporating the food guide pyramid into your life will make drastic changes. Or start small with just a salad a week. Be aware that we trained our taste buds, which means we can re-train them. It takes about 21 days, which is the same amount of time to create new habits. Go easy on yourself though. Any improvement is an improvement

2- Start Working Out– Unfortunately, this is non-negotiable. Our bodies need to move. Fortunately, our bodies don’t care if it’s a rigid workout routine at a gym or if it’s something more fun like sports or gardening. A hike in the woods or frequent walks around the neighborhood all yield short and long term good effects.

3- Get Rid Of Toxic People- We become like our friends. If you and your friends sit around and talk about getting healthy but never do, maybe you should spend less time with them. Also, anyone who always brings stress and drama is adding to your waistline. Stress is a proven factor in weight gain. If you have longstanding, deeply ingrained patterns with your friends and you’re the only one who wants to improve things, then remove your friends from the new patterns you make for yourself. Guard your goals. Your life may well depend on it.

4- Get A Mentor- This one can be tough. Trainers are available for hire, but if money isn’t an option you will have to be more creative. Don’t be afraid to ask the healthy people in your life to take you under their wing. The worst they can say is ‘no’, and be creative when on the look out for a mentor. Try online solutions as well, until you connect with someone you can meet face to face.

In short, there is a lot more to obesity than aesthetics. It really does damage your health. But even if you have a serious health problem, there are simple positive steps you can take. Even if you don’t lose weight right away, you can give your body some much needed tools to maintain and gain health. Every improvement is an improvement.

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