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Weight loss has been a challenge to many women. It has been a menace that many are struggling with to help maintain and feel like the beauty goddess. Weight loss has been created with some being successful while others being remaining a challenge. Well, for a successful weight loss will work with self-discipline and diet. This is a theory that was created by John Barban who is an expert in Human

Biology and Nutrition

It is designed for women with mind that they can burn more calories than men because they have less testosterone. This program is aiming at fat loss and uses new, unique and innovative tips and strategies for women to have a difference in 12-weeks. This program is not just a diet but a multi facet program. It is specifically designed for women since it revolves in restoring leptin hormone since they have twice as much as men. The irony is they respond less than men. They are not able to regulate the metabolism and hunger. However there is not short cut in weight loss. The program is curtailed with meal planning, calories counts and work out schedules. It is a program that entails patience and commitment for an effective results. The ultimate goal for the program is for the women to have perfection and beauty and more so restore the self -esteem and confidence. This can significantly seen on shoulders, waist and hips which defines the female physique.

Venus factor review is termed as change in life style habits. However other programs may argue that every weight loss session is on change. This critic can be absorb with the fact it is a hormone restoration therapy. It is a standard program that comes with purchase and extra up sales that can be stopped at any time. It consists of

  • Diet plan: this is set for you to understand how you restore leptin hormone with diet regime, calories intake and what food to eat. This is the blueprint for the program before embarking to the next stage, workout plan.
  • Workout plan; it is efficient as it helps to tone the muscles and remove the excess fat. This sets a mark to the Venus Index, female proportion and balance. It has online demonstration videos that help you exercise and achieve a well- toned body and physique. This workouts can be performed at home. It is a progressive strategy that is incremental. It allows time management. in Fact the workout plan is designed to boost the metabolism and speed up the fat burning . It is the desire of every woman to have that female physique and that what venus factor review is up to. Just give it a try and recommend!


Weight is one of the causes of body imbalance that of recent have been a bother to everyone and have caused other chronic diseases that has resulted from it. There are various reasons why we have women increase in weight rapidly or within a given spell of time. This could include:

Lifestyle changes: this is one of the reasons why increase in weight is becoming a bother because of the way we eat and leave having too little we can strain with but have plenty of time relaxing and enjoying. Smoking and alcohol are things to watch to reduce weight gain.

Pregnancy: during this period women tend to be segregative of what to eat or not to. And with them having little to strain and work will have an increased weight.

Work: the feminine gender is favoured by the kind of work to do and thus majority end up doing lighter job compared to the masculine gender.

Losing weight could not require much in terms of cost but could need a dedicated person who will follow the right procedure as directed. There are various ways to loose weight and one of which is the Venus factor. You lose weight fast and maintain that good and gourgoius figure to your desires. This has helped in determining the intake of calories, knowing what to eat and do at a given weight loss margin. This has entirely helped women to know the capacity to eat at any given time. Other fat diminishing ways include:

Work out: in the various ways that help in reducing fat is subjecting the body to exercises in a consecutive manner. This helps the body in keeping fit and maintaining maintaining a balanced state which is healthy.

Diet: as much as we need to eat to live it is not eating too much for that is needed. Eating a balanced diet is key moreso in reducing fat.

Follow physicians advice: the doctor is the truth metre in the right way to go. He/she will advice you on the food to take despite that it will be a solemn decision.

Lifestyle change: despite the level of earning or the improved way of living eating should be greatly controlled avoiding things like alcohol, junky food and fast food. This brings in a controlled eating habit.


Having excessive fat is not annoying but also lead to dis-formed body shape and result to increased number of likely hood of acquiring other diseases that perhaps would have been controlled in the first place.

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